6 Foods That Are Destroying Your Abs

With Monique Robbins


Beer, wine, margaritas, oh my! Even your low-sugar seltzer drinks may be keeping you from seeing your abs.

Deli Meats

While a variety of options like turkey, chicken, ham, and even roast beef are low in fat, these sliced meats are generally high in sodium. 

Granola Bars

Granola bars are known for being packed with sugar, low in fiber and protein, and not especially filling. 

Sweetened Coffee Drinks

A plain cup of coffee won't hold you back from your ab goals. In fact, the caffeine in coffee may actually help break down body fat.

Diet Soda

You may think cutting sugar from your soda would help your waistline, but it could actually be destroying your abs.

Fried Foods

Typically packed with calories and fat grams, and the fact that they are also a source of salt and added sugar, fried foods come in many shapes and sizes.