6 Best Foods To Lose 5 Pounds Fast

With Monique Robbins

Salad Dressings

By substituting a salad condiment that is high in calories for one that is lower in calories, one can effectively reduce their energy intake. Bolt-house Farms and other fat-free sauces utilize yogurt as the foundation to produce a velvety dressing that is low in fat.  


These dietary substitutes offer protein and essential nutrients while maintaining flavor, allowing you to enjoy sauces without adding unnecessary calories.  


"Soups are an awesome way to add more hydration and help keep you full. Add a side sandwich or salad with protein to round out the meal."


"Although many of us appreciate a salty crunch, chips are low in fiber. In contrast, popcorn is a salty, pleasurable nibble that offers a few grams of fiber per cup.   

Egg Whites

"Eggs, including the yolk, are packed with important nutrients and protein,"  

Chicken Tenders

Favorites of the masses, chicken tenders have been modified to contain more fiber and less fat. "Therefore, I prefer cauliflower-based alternatives, such as 'Cauliflower' chicken tenders, which I prepare in an air fryer or skillet at home."